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The Mystery Voice

The Mystery Voice is back!

Listen, call & win every morning on Breakfast with Dom after 7am, and on the Drive home with Kevin Ford after 5pm.

The Mystery Voice on Dream 100 sponsored by The Boilerman, Clacton.

Well done to Catherine (in Ipswich) who won £700 for guessing our last Mystery Voice correctly as Carly Simon!

Here are the guesses so far for the current Mystery Voice:

  • Tom Hiddleston
  • James Martyn
  • Tim Henman
  • Gary Mulligan
  • Nik Kershaw

Robert Webb

Chris Tarrant

Mystery Voice back Monday with Dom and £180!


Jeremy Clarkson

£200 with Dom Wednesday morning!


Dom from Gogglebox!


£220 with Dom & Olly Friday morning!!


Sir Bob Geldof

£230 with Dom on Monday!


Boris Johnson


Ed Milliband


Bob Geldof


Nik Kershaw


Gogglebox Dom


£310 with Dom Thursday 28th!


Tony Blackburn


£320 with Dom on Friday!