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The Mystery Voice

Identify our Mystery Voice and win CASH!

We play three times every weekday - at 7:25am, 12:30pm and 5:25pm - and if it's not guessed, we'll throw in another tenner each day.

We announce on-air when the lines are open - call 01206 715100 to register - and whether you're sure of the celebrity or just want to have a guess, you could be taking away our cash!

You cannot submit guesses via email, text, Facebook or Twitter. Our usual competition rules apply.


Audioboo panel - do not remove

Congratulations to Chris Burr who wins £190 on Wednesday 06 May guessing Alex James from Blur!



Current guesses for the Mystery Voice are:

Alex Salmond x 2

Alistair Darling

Alistair McGowan

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andy Murray

Angus Robertson

Bob Geldof (Sir)

Boris Johnson

Christopher Hitchens

Danny Alexander

David Wilson

Denis Lawson

Eamonn Holmes

Ed Miliband

Ewan McGregor

George Galloway

Gordon Brown

Hugh Edwards

Ian McCaskill x 2

Ian Mckcellan

Jim Murphy 

John Hannah

Michael Gambon

Michael Gove

Nigel Farage x2

Nigel Lawson

Sean Connery

Simon Callow